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Wright case delayed…

Thu 4 May 2006, 3:26pm

It seems that police foot dragging is behind the delay on bringing the Billy Wright ‘collusion case’ to bear.

Lord MacLean indicated that the failure to hand over documents “has slowed down the Inquiry’s work”. MI5 may also be holding on to documents, but the Home Office refused to discuss the matter.

Both police Special Branch and MI5 knew of threats against the notorious loyalist before he was shot dead by INLA prisoners in the top security Maze Prison in 1997. The judge who recommended the inquiry, retired Canadian Supreme Court Justice Peter Cory, said he could not establish if those warnings were passed on to prison authorities.

“In light of the specific nature of some of the threats to kill Billy Wright, it may well be that a failure to alert prison authorities to this intelligence would constitute a collusive act since it could amount to turning a blind eye to a situation of real and imminent danger,” he wrote in 2003.

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  1. elfinto says:

    How can the DUP remain quiet about this? They are usually at the forefront of calls for justice for Billy Wright.

    Seriously though, the delay to this inquiry, to be held under the Inquiries Act (which was designed to allow the state to obstruct the truth) is disgraceful though predictable.

    The public deserve to know if Wright’s former employers felt threatened by him and facilitated his elimination. I don’t suppose we’ll ever find out though.

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